OLACEFS大會 - Functions



The organization's OLACEFS charter lists the following features:

• Promote and conduct systematic research, manage and supervise the management of public resources, and disseminate results to members;

• Organize specialized, postgraduate and training courses, as well as seminars and special events focused on technical control and oversight tasks;

• Provide advisory services and technical assistance for the control and supervision of public resource management;

• Preparation of national work and control of administrative and financial organizations in Latin American and Caribbean countries;

• Promote and publish written materials on the management and supervision of public resources;

• As a liaison between Supreme Audit Institutions in other countries, answer questions and promote expert exchanges;

• Mainly establish and develop resource centers, manage and supervise public resources and related disciplines management literature;

• Maintaining scientific and technological links with institutions and organizations in other parts of the world to manage and supervise the management of public resources;

• Set up committees and committees, as appropriate, for different regions, functional areas, issues and/or specific issues;

• Establish relationships with the management and supervision of public resources for funding development, universities, institutions and professional associations, and obtain expert assistance;

• Coordinating special studies requested by governments or governmental organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean;

• Organize high-level think tanks composed of active members to analyze specific strategic issues related to maximum control and supervision;

• Award rewards and/or provide rewards based on conditions specified by specific regulations.